Baby Shower!

I am so excited to announce that there’s a new edition to the family — my sister’s having a baby!  I’m going to be Auntie Coco!

We just had her baby shower over the weekend, and I was able to make mini cupcakes –  96, that is: 24 cupcakes of each of the 4 flavors!  I rushed home from school on Friday and started baking both mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  Then on Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 to start frosting them for the 12 o’ clock shower.  (I know that sounds excessively early, but I had to allow time to get pretty, too!)  Anyhow, Enjoy!

My first cupcake was a simple vanilla cake with vanilla butter-cream frosting, topped with either a yellow or green sprinkle flower with a white pearl center. (My sister’s not finding out the sex, so green and yellow seemed appropriate)

Vanilla Vanilla

My second cupcake was a vanilla cake with a lemon curd butter-cream, topped with yellow sprinkles (for color) and sugared lemon peels.


My third cupcake was a chocolate cake with a swirled raspberry butter-cream, topped with a single white pearl.

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

My final cupcake was my absolute favorite!  It’s a chocolate cake filled with caramel, topped with a salted, chocolate butter-cream, sugar roasted walnuts, and a caramel drizzle.  It wasn’t the prettiest cupcake out there, but I think it was the most delicious!

Chocolate Decadance


3 responses

  1. I loved your delicious descriptions and your photographs are very edible!
    Congratulations on the beautiful and successful baby-shower-cupcakes.

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