Sophie’s Mint Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes

Just the other day was my friend Sophie’s birthday and I knew I had to make her an AMAZING birthday cupcake!  To go along with her cupcake, I also got her some really funny-looking monster stickers from Lakeshore.   Who doesn’t want monster stickers from Lakeshore?  I mean, come on, be realistic here people.

Anyhoo. . . . back to cupcakes. . . . . I knew this cupcake just had to WOW Sophie!  I made a basic chocolate cupcake, then filled it with mint cream, topped it with salted chocolate frosting and a wedge of a York peppermint pattie, along with some green sanding sugar and dark chocolate sunday crunch (that’s what it’s really called, I swear).  These cupcakes turned out truly AMAZING!!!!  I was so happy!  So without further adieu, I give you, Sophie’s Mint Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes:

Sophie's Mint Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes

Okay, so maybe that’s not the best picture ever, but I’m not a professional photographer. . . . so get over it!

But these cupcakes sure tasted delightfully delicious!


Baby Block Cake

So like I was talking about in my baby shower post, my sister is going to have a baby!!!  I just can’t wait!

When I made mini-cupcakes for my sister’s baby shower, I also made her an amazing cake. (Well what else was I supposed to do with all my excitement.)

Baby Block Cake

TA DA!!!!!!!

I actually began making this cake the day I had Open house at my school.  School began at 7:50 and I was out of there by 10:50.  I began baking at 11:15 and finished my cake that same night at 10:30.  I  still don’t know how I pulled it off!

Anyhow, I began with two chocolate sheet cakes and cut them into six 4inch squares.  I then double stacked the squares, one on top of the other, with vanilla butter cream frosting in the middle.  I now had three 4inch cubes that I let  harden in the fridge for a little over an hour.

The day before I had made white modeling chocolate, which I had never worked with before. (I’ve never worked with fondant either, which is something I’ld like to get into.)  I chose modeling chocolate instead of fondant because I thought we would all like the taste of the modeling chocolate better.  Anyhoo, I took the modeling chocolate and rolled it into a thin sheet — this took at least half an hour because the modeling chocolate had been in the fridge and was really hard to work with.  I then cut sixteen 4inch squares of modeling chocolate which I stuck to my cake squares. (The two squares that were to sit on the bottom wouldn’t need modeling chocolate and their under sides, but the top one would.)  I let the freshly covered cake squares sit in the fridge for a bit longer.

I took the cakes out once more and stacked them into a mini pyramid, using multiple skewers and toothpicks to keep everything in place.  I believe there was a total of 12 toothpicks and 2 skewers in the end.  Then the cake went back in the fridge and I was crossing my fingers, hoping nothing would fall over.

In the meantime I prepared four different colors of butter cream icing. (Royal icing would have probably worked better, but would have melted in the fridge.) I took the cake out of the fridge once more and piped yellow, blue, and green icing over the modeling chocolate seems.  Then I took violet icing and piped the letters onto the baby blocks.  If you look closely, the bottom blocks spell out B-A-B-Y, the top block has both an A and an E, the first initials of my sister’s and her husband’s names, and the very top of the top block has a heart.  The added C and Q have no meaning, whatsoever.

The most nerve-racking part was coming home from school the next day and seeing if anything had fallen over.  It was an absolute miracle nothing did.  (In truth, I had no idea if the modeling chocolate would even stick to the cake squares once it went into the fridge.)