My Random Thoughts That Have Nothing To Do With Baking, But I’m Deciding To Comment On Anyway


  • Happy Holidays Everyone!
  • This is truly my favorite time of year!  Everyone is so joyful and truly happy.  Every smile feels genuine.  With vacation days, why wouldn’t smiles be genuine!
  • Good Health and Happy New Year!!!


  • So those of you clever enough to notice now see that my blog is no longer a “15 Year Old’s Baking Adventure”, but now it’s a “16 Year Old’s Baking Adventure”!!!!!  My birthday was November 30th 🙂


  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I know it was a few days ago, but I still feel in the spirit of one of my favorite holidays!  Come on, it’s an excuse to stuff your face with delicious food!
  • On Thanksgiving I was at my cousin’s house for a bit and I was talking to my uncle and I don’t remember what we were talking about exactly, but at one point he said,  “Yeah, that way you kill a lot of stones with one bird”.  And I just thought this was hysterical! (Especially ’cause I was a bit slow to get it!  If you’re like me, you might have to read it a few times. . . . . it’s okay, we’re in this together!)


  • HAPPY 11-11-11!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This only comes once every 100 years so enjoy it!
  • I know I will. . . . . . . ’cause I’m going to my first high school dance, EVER!


  • Do you ever have an itch on the bottom of your foot and no matter what you do it just won’t go away. . . . . I have that now.
  • My favorite quote, “Unanswered questions are far less dangerous than unquestioned answers”
  • Ooooh! Sweet potato french fries for dinner-yum!
  • I just read that book, “Of Mice and Men” for school and now I can’t stop saying “ain’t” and “i didn’t get no”, ect.

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